About Rainbow Ceremonies

“All that you require in a GLBT Celebrant, is all that I am”

“As a life long member of our party filled, fun loving, and greatly proud community, I am absolutely thrilled and excited to share my passion of celebration and ceremony with you, your family and your friends”

I Am Your Celebrant of Choice because:

  • I am professional
  • I am confident and competent
  • I have officiated more than 200 ceremonies
  • I am a member of our proud family
  • I live to celebrate
  • I speak with sincerity and passion
  • I am a proficient public speaker
  • I deliver exactly what you want

Professionally Available For:

  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Naming Days
  • Funeral Services
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Pet Memorials
  • House Warming Ceremonies
  • Milestone Birthday Celebrations (including Life Celebration DVD Productions)
  • Weddings

“I envisage a world which embraces equality and strive to inspire others through my dedicated service and actions.

I am committed to providing heartfelt, inspiring and memorable ceremonies to same-sex couples and who seek to affirm their life-long commitments to each other through commitment ceremonies, civil unions, domestic partnerships and other alternative weddings.

Cath’s Partner - Angie

In carrying out my day-to-day business, I treat all people I meet with dignity and respect and commit myself to lead as a celebrant of change toward equal rights for the GLBT community.

To the couples I have had the privilege to unite in partnership, I thank you, support you and encourage you.”

See you at the celebration!
Cath – Professional & Life Loving Civil Celebrant


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Latest News

Being the Family Celebrant

I just love becoming the Family Celebrant! The last family to... read more


Tracey & Judi – Ring Exchange Ceremony

Given the significance of an approaching milestone birthday, an idea was born – one lazy Saturday night on the lounge – to exchange vows on that momentous day – after a 23 year “engagement”!  We’re fairly private and relaxed about these things (clearly, after 23 years!), and our beautiful friend Cath was the only person we could imagine trusting with something so important to us, as well as instinctively understanding our needs – probably more so than we could anticipate for ourselves.   Despite some initial grandiose plans (on our part), discussion with and direction from Cath led us back to the epitome of us – love and simplicity.  Our longstanding friendship with Cath did not distract her from treating us with the professionalism that we know she affords all her clients; in fact, the thought occurred to us that this is the beauty of her and her passion for this business of observance and ceremony.  She understands and cares so deeply about the importance of celebration – be it a life passed, a new life or a unity of souls – she wants it to be special and memorable…as though it’s from the heart of your best friend.  For us, it was – from the heart of our best friend; for anyone else, we can promise that it may as well be.

Thanks Cath – our day was simple, beautiful and heartfelt – just perfect for us.  We’re so happy we shared it with you.

Tracey & Judi

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